About pickUP

Who We Are

Our Vision

We look forward to being the tool of choice for drivers and passengers in Barbados.

Our Mission

By blending technology and common sense we hope to solve problems. We hope to help drivers to find more passengers without wasting time and energy and to help passengers to seamlessly and efficiency travel throughout the island.

Driver Commitment

We promise to provide the technology and the support needed to empower you to be your own boss, deciding on when and how often you drive. Let us take you places. Through our software, we take the guesswork and hassle out of securing your fare. We will always seek to apply technological advancements to the current process in order that the driver is fully equipped to operate in the given climate.

Rider Commitment

We promise to deliver an efficient taxi solution through the inspired use of technology. Our app facilitates your seamless connection with a professional taxi driver. We will continue to update our services in line with advancements in technology to support the growing needs of the traveling public. Let us pick you UP.