Competitive Rates.

Professional Drivers.

Seamless Rides Throughout Barbados.

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Pick Up Barbados
The Community Taxi

there’s a new way to ride

The pickUP

A TAXI experience Custom Built for the Barbados community. pickUP Barbados’ drivers are all licensed taxi drivers (as opposed to services such as Uber or Lyft where just about anyone can get behind the wheel).

We work hand-in-hand with the pickUP drivers so that we can offer a safe and seamless travel experience for family, friends and visitors to Barbados. pickUP is the perfect way to get around the island without the hassle of having to walk to taxi stands or bus stops. Want to enjoy dinner at a special restaurant or have a few rum punches at the beach without having to worry about who will drive you home? Let us pick you UP so that you can see all that Barbados has to offer without the headache of renting a car or figuring out the bus routes.
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A pickUP tailored for you

Like you, we also think Barbados is special - so pickUP has been specifically designed with the Bajan experience in mind.

Find A Driver

No more walking to the taxi stands or bus stops in the blazing sun – you can open the pickUP app anywhere on the island and with just a few clicks of your fingers you can request a ride and a driver will come to you.

You will see who your driver is and approximately how long it will take for them to get to you. You can track your driver’s trip as they come to pick you UP!
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Fare Calculator

Ever notice there aren’t any meters in the taxis here? Let us help to take the guesswork out of how much your ride will cost. Once you select your required destination you click “Get Fare Estimate”

and we tell you approximately how much your ride will cost up front, no hidden charges. The fare estimate also provides you with the approximate distance and ride time. The only question we can’t answer is which beach should you go to today?
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We won’t put you in the hands of just anyone – all pickUP drivers are registered Taxi Drivers. Our review system (much like Uber or Lyft) means that you can also see how your driver stacks up.

Once you’re connected with one of pickUP’s registered taxi drivers there is a direct channel for messaging/calling your driver through the App. We also provide chat support so if there are any questions you can reach out to us directly through the pickUP App.
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Card or Cash

The choice is yours – you can pay your driver in cash or you can avoid the hassle of having to find an ATM and just have the payment deducted automatically from the card synced with your account (we accept all major credit cards).

Choose your payment method (cash or card) before booking your ride. If you choose cash then you will be told exactly how much to pay your driver upon completion of your trip. Similarly, if you prefer to go the card route, then your card will be automatically charged for the trip upon completion. You will get a receipt from each trip and you can track your history in the App so that you can monitor your spending (great for recording business expenses).
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